Body Care Breast Enlargement Must UP Cream Pueraria Mirifica Bust Lift Enhancement

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Body Care Breast Enlargement Must UP Cream Pueraria Mirifica Bust Lift Enhancement

Product Description

Breast Enlargement Must UP Cream Pueraria Mirifica Bust augmentation Enhancement

Expiration Date:3 years.

item name: breast enlargement cream

ingredient:Pueraria, green papaya extract, African daisy fruit extract Kwai


 One piece cream can use 2 weeks for one month,

three piece creams for one course,

one course last for two and a half month,

must continue to use so you can increase a cup.


 Direction of usage:


apply a suitable amount of cream on your palm, with your warm hand, massage it around your breast in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed. Apply it twice per day for better result.


***some people will have the feeling of warm and itchy after applying, it is normal as Kigeline is functioning




NOT suitable for pregnant women

Breast cream - beauty breast cream

   Specifically for female breast special class skin care cosmetics.

   Plus some active effective ingredient in emulsion type cream base, thus promote female breast development, improve breast shape, moisten the chest skin and other functions, so that women have a healthy, tall, plump, moist breasts, showing female-specific body curves.

Such products deal with skin-safe, non-hormone-like substances, non-toxic, no side effects.


Promotion of small, flat increasingly plump breasts, uplift;

Promote relaxation, sagging, shrinking breasts recovery plump, firm and elastic;

Good for: breast dysplasia small, flat breasts, breast-feeding after breast atrophy, relaxation, postpartum breast deformation, sagging breasts style baggy, shriveled breasts

Left-right asymmetry of the breast


Usage before use with a hot towel Wu heat breast, and then take appropriate Concorde beauty cream evenly on both sides of the breast, gently massage until completely absorbed.


Breast Cream - Ingredients


 Contains soy isoflavones, hops extract, natural Solanaceae plants such as phenolic glycosides purified active substance, VE, etc., can regulate the secretion of female estrogen to stimulate the development of secondary female breast, promote metabolism and circulation, enhance breast cell activity, restore cell viability; and add a lot of nutrients to the breast, breast growth and development to provide energy, promote breast health increases constantly full.